27/09/21: Happy 2021, I have migrated this gallery to it's own page.

24/08/20: Happy 2020, with love from nz. This week I got a 3d printer. See you next year.

1/1/19: Happy 2019, with love from nz

22/july/18-present Nexusmag cover for 22 July Issue.
High res

14/march/18-present my latest thing working on This scene has gone over several different versions.
High res here (1mb)
different look of this (no textures)

4/feb/18 Thom Yorke standing in an elevator being challenged by shadow yorke.
Inspiration from Radiohead - Lift

22/oct/17 imagine a fish dimension
Cleaner version

?/july/17 a quick self portrait of me. the king.

20/may/17 for the first time revealed to the public, a goblin I made to practice rigging.
Gave up

?/???/17 a sand temple?
Original revision

12/march/17 Water simulation was real, theres like 50 frames but I only rendered a few.

4/march/17 Its clippy

8/may/17 One of my proudest I think, there were a bunch of revisions on this one.

10/july/17 My first serious scene. There is only one cube in this scene. The rest are mirrored by 3 planes surrounding it.